A game that tests and trains your algorithmic thinking. Connect code blocks into a program that guides a small robot to collect all pickups with the aid of movement, rotation and multicolored triggers while avoiding contact with walls.

LMB click or drag & drop –  create blocks/connections between blocks
RMB – delete blocks/connections between blocks

Fullscreen recommended.

On the web version progress is not saved, on the PC version it is.

If the game lags in Chrome, enable "Use hardware acceleration when available" in Settings > System.

Method Process Algorithm is my final project in highschool – Srednja tehniška in poklicna šola Trbovlje. The mentor was dr. Uroš Ocepek.

Install instructions

For PC, download the .zip and extract it, then run the .exe file. Save data will be in the game folder, so deleting the whole game will also delete any save data.


Method Process Algorithm.zip 27 MB

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